LED Video Walls and video marketing

LED Video Walls and video marketing on your exhibition stand – what you need to consider


We consume movies and other video content almost every day. On Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, but also in online newspapers. Videos are attractive and have a high entertainment content.

But how does this relate to trade fairs?

In order to get in touch with trade fair visitors, you have to be seen. And visitors not only need to see you, they also need to be attracted and reached by your stand.

There are many ways to be seen and to get your message across effectively. One of them is by using so-called LED Video Walls at your exhibition stand.

The “Motion Attention Effect”

Movement attracts attention. In behavioural psychology this is described as the Motion Attention Effect. And you need this attention to convey your offer, product or your most important message, your Key Exhibition Message.

LED Video Walls are the perfect tool for this. Video marketing and moving content is progressively being used instead of marketing with only photos and static images. And that also applies to your exhibition stand.

At trade fairs, everything and everyone is crying out for attention. It is therefore definitely difficult to get and keep the attention of visitors. Just showing a logo or your product at your stand is not enough. And a trade show strategy that only consists of proactive salespeople handing out brochures with a big smile is not enough either.

For a successful trade show, an attractive stand, clear communication and a strong Key Exhibition Message are super important. Moving (video) content can play a major role in this.

Integrating screens or LED Video Walls in your stand is in many cases an excellent idea, both in small and very large stands. At least, if you take into account the most important Do's and Don'ts of video content on your exhibition stand.

But first let me go a little further into the advantages and arguments for using video marketing.

Why use video marketing at your exhibition stand?

• The Motion Attention Effect. The human brain reacts to movement. Movement means change or even danger. That's why we are more perceptive of "movement" and moving content than of static content.

• Distinguishing yourself from others. LED Video Walls can elevate your stand and make it easily distinguishable from other exhibition stands.

• Supporting sales. Video content can help and support your sales people in their conversations with visitors. For example, by "swiping" on touch screens or tablets (which are connected to a LED Video Wall), the salesperson can show product information, applications, case studies or reviews to visitors.

• Visitors will stay at your stand for longer. By offering video content, you extend the time a visitor spends at your stand. And the longer they are at your stand, the more opportunity you have to build a relationship.

• It makes visistors stick around. Assuming that you show good content, you make your customer's visit more pleasant and ensure that they remember your product or brand for longer.

• Video content to lower the threshold. Every stand needs one or more threshold lowerers. Elements that convince doubting visitors. I write extensively about this in my book “Scoren met je beursdeelname”(which is currently available in Dutch and German). Video content can also work as a threshold lowering agent. People stand to watch your content, making it easier to make contact.

Content is King, also at your exhibition stand. But what kind of content?

Depending on your exhibition objectives, you can choose different forms of video content:

• Entertainment - with beautiful, funny, emotional or captivating content you can make your visitor listen or smile.

• Product videos - show your customer what your product or service does and what it can mean and do for them. But be careful not to “drill" technical and or other details, that no one is interested in. Above all, show the effect of your product. Not the features but the benefits.

• Live presentations - Do you have a speaker telling a fascinating and interesting story at your stand or at another location? Then make sure that this presentation can also be seen on your LED Video Wall. People are paying attention to other people, so this can be perfect for attracting the attention of passing visitors.

• Case studies and testimonials - With these you create trust and authority. They support your sales people and the sales process. Ask your loyal customers for a video interview and a recommendation.

• Company videos? Showing videos about your company is also an option, of course. But ask yourself whether your company film is good enough to be used on your stand. In my experience, a lot of company films are pretty boring... Maybe you can use it as a "waiting softener" for visitors who have to wait in a reception area, but not to attract attention at trade fairs.

Considerations for using video content at your exhibition stand

If you are considering using videos at your stand, ask yourself the following questions:

1. What do you want to achieve with your video content, does it contribute to achieving your trade fair objectives?

2. To what extent does the content offered match your brand and image?

3. What is the most important message you want to convey with your stand, your Key Exhibition Message? Does your video content contribute to this?

4. Is the video only a attention-getter, or does it also filter out the right people for your company from the visitors? In the first case, make sure that the sales reps know how to "filter" the right people.

The Do's and Don'ts of video on your stand:

• Short and powerful. Make sure your video content is short. Visitors rarely stay for minutes watching your video. Short and powerful is the motto.

• Clear Key Exhibition Messsage. Make sure your message is clear. What do you want visitors to know and remember when they have seen your video? And what do you want them to do? What is your Key Exhibition Message?

• Subtitles. Sound with the video is in most cases a no-go. Therefore, use subtitles. Is your audience international? Then use subtitles in English.

• Extend the duration of your show. Also use parts of the video in marketing before and after the exhibition. For example, use the video as a teaser in social media and for mailings. Before, during and after the trade show. This way you extend the duration and effect of your trade show participation.

• Filter the audience. Do you have a particularly striking, funny, emotional or attractive video that keeps a lot of visitors at your stand? Perfect! But don't forget to filter the visitors. Are visitors only interested in your fun video or are they a potential customer as well? With one or two specific questions you'll know.

• Storytelling. When we are told a story, something happens in our brains. A story is therefore easier to remember than a list of often boring facts. Storytelling gives information a deeper meaning. Think about this during the production of your exhibition stand video.

• CTAs. Tell the viewer with a call-to-action at the end of the video what you would like him or her to do. For example, have a conversation with one of the salespeople. Or request a trial package, demo, sample or info pack.

• Incentives. An incentive offered in your video further lowers the threshold for visitors to take action. You can think of discounts, first month free, free premium, etc.

• Go Big. If you decide to integrate TV screens or LED Video Walls into your booth to attract and inform visitors, choose ones as big as possible. Of course, the size of the screen or LED Video Wall should match your stand concept and your video, but in principle, the bigger the better.

• Sound? Sound in a video at your exhibition stand usually does not work simply because it is not heard. Unless you have a complete sound system with large speakers installed at your stand. But you have to ask yourself to what extent this is desirable because it interferes with conversations on your stand. In addition, trade fair organizations almost always set noise limits in order to prevent inconvenience to visitors and other exhibitors. So make a video for your trade show presentation that does not need sound and use subtitles if necessary.

• The beginning, middle and end of your video? When making a video, you choose a certain structure and storyline. This gives your video a beginning, a middle and an end. For example, in the beginning you sketch the problem, in the middle part of the video you come up with your solution and in the end you tell what the advantages of your solution are.

• The problem with video on your stand, however, is that you never know when the visitor will "switch on". For example, if your video lasts a minute, and the visitor starts watching it after 30 seconds, does he still understand what it is about? If not, there is a good chance that they will quickly move on to another stand. This is quite tricky and another reason why videos on stands have to be short. Discuss this with your video producer.

• Boring company videos without a clear message. Unfortunately, you see them quite often. Long, sleep-inducing videos in which mainly the CEO is talking and the company premises and company cars are shown extensively. And in which a clear message is lacking. So don't do it.

How we support you with videos at your exhibition stand

At ISYFAIR we like to go further than just building your exhibition stand. We advise you on the best choices we can make together to achieve your exhibition goals. Even when it comes to the best applications of video content, screens and LED Video Walls, we share our experience and expertise with you, and give you honest advice.

When it comes to the practical realization of video integration at your stand, we offer you various possibilities:

• LED screens 36-80 inch. These screens are hung on special mounts on the stand. The video content can be played from, for example, a USB stick or from an external laptop. This option is mainly intended for relatively small screens.

• Integrated LED Video Walls. With this option, we integrate LED panels into the frame with which the (modular) stand is constructed. Because these panels can be "endlessly" linked together, this option is mainly intended for very large screens or even complete LED walls. An LED wall measuring 2 x 3.5 metres or even larger, for example, is no problem at all.

We supply our exhibition stands with as much plug-and-play as possible. We take care of the hardware (TV screens and LED Video Walls) but also the technical installation and support during the fair.

Together we will make your trade show participation a great success. Please contact me or one of our exhibitionstand specialists for more information or a quotation without any obligation.

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Michel Rijnberg
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