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Exhibition stands <20 Meter

Exhibition stands 12 - 20 m²

69 designs available

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Exhibition stands 21-40 m²

208 designs available

Exhibition stands 40-80 Meters

Exhibition stands 41-80 m²

195 designs available

Exhibition stands > 80 Meters

Exhibition stands >80 m²

34 designs available

Save time and money - find and choose the best exhibition stand for your trade show

Creating the best exhibition stand to help you achieve your trade show goals is our target when working with you as your stand contractor for your trade shows in Europe.

Our unique concept will achieve this in a new and efficient way. This concept doesn’t just guarantee you the best exhibition stand for your show, it also helps you save money.

In our isy® DESIGN SELECTOR you can view, compare and filter through 478 quality exhibition stand designs including the full service rental prices. This means you can start planning and budgeting right away. It´s easy, fast, and efficient.

In these 9 steps we explain how we can help you create the best exhibition with a stand that achieves your trade show goals and will amaze trade show visitors.

See all exhibition stand designs based on the type (Row - Corner - 3-sides open - Island stand)

Row exhibition stand

See all exhibition stands type "Row"

63 designs available

Corner exhibition stand

See all exhibition stands type "Corner"

199 designs available

3 sides open exhibition stand

See all exhibition stands type "3-sides open"

143 designs available

island exhibition stand

See all exhibition stands type "Island"

73 designs available

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Full-service rental package + transparent pricing

All exhibition booth rentals include our full-service rental package. This includes everything you need for your trade show to be successful:

  • Complete graphics
  • Complete lighting (as shown in the design)
  • Logistics to and from the trade show
  • Project management
  • Attractive exhibition booth furniture (as shown in the design)
  • Flooring (as shown in the design)
  • Complete installation and dismantling of your stand
  • Premium service!
  • Competitive pricing!

The best designs, built with premium exhibition systems

Our exhibition stand designs are based on our premium modular exhibition stand systems and frames, if needed in combination with custom elements.

These aluminium constructions are rock-solid, fast to install, lightweight, and can be reused many times. This means you save money on the total costs for your exhibition stand.

It also means that the production time from order to the installation is shorter, and that we produce much less waste in comparison with traditional standbuilding, which shows you responsibility for the environment.

>35 years experienced Exhibition stand Contractor and Designer

As an exhibition specialist, having designed and built exhibition stands since 1985.

Within these 35 years we have built thousands of stands for small, medium and large companies and brands. From a small portable stand which can be transported in a just a few bags or wheeled cases, to large custom-built stands up to 500 sq. meters. We are proud to have earned the image of being a fair, competent, and reliable standbuilding partner for our customers.

With ISYFAIR we offer you a unique concept. We are convinced that this concept makes exhibiting more efficient, cost-effective, and fun!

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Exhibition stands < 7500 Euro

See all exhibition stands < 7500 Euro

35 designs available

Exhibition stands 7500 - 15000 euro

See all exhibition stands 7500 - 15000 Euro

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Exhibition stand price 15000 - 30000 Euro

See all exhibition stands 15000 - 30000 Euro

254 designs available

Large exhibition stands

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40 designs available

Modular exhibition stand