Exhibition stands 41 -80 m²
Find here hundreds of exhibition stands with a wow-factor

Exhibition stands 41 -80 m²

Are you looking for an exhibition stand to make a bold statement? Create an environment where your product or brand is starring, and where you will generate maximum leads? With these exhibitions stands in the range from 41-80 m2 you hold all the cards.

We do not only offer you proven exhibition stand designs, but premium project management and confidence of choosing a standbuilding partner with over 35 years of experience, as well.

Choose the best stand designs with isy® DESIGN SELECTOR

In our isy® DESIGN SELECTOR you’ll find hundreds of realized exhibition stand 3D designs to select and choose from. Have a look, compare, and get inspired for your next tradeshow.

Competitive and full-service rental pricing all over Europe

ISYFAIR want to make exhibiting easy, transparent, and affordable. Use our isy® DESIGN SELECTOR to get inspired and find the best stand for your tradeshow. Can’t find what you are looking for? Let us know and we will make a custom 3D stand design for you, free of charge.

Exhibition stands 41-80 m²

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