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Exhibition stand FI Food Ingredients Paris

Are trade show organizers now also pushing sustainable and reusable booth construction?

For both booth builders and exhibitors, the goal is to build booths that are more sustainable and reusable. But what about exhibition organizers?

Euroshop Dusseldorf exhibiton stand

Visit us on EuroShop 2023 in Düsseldorf

The last EuroShop in February 2020 is one I won't soon forget. The first signs of corona were just then visible, and several Chinese companies dropped out. With empty exhibition stands as a result.

Exhibition stand Las Vegas

Exhibiting on trade shows abroad – this is what to look out for

Creating new opportunities and tapping into new markets. But what do you need to bear in mind when exhibiting on trade shows abroad? And how do you organize a good exhibition stand?

Small exhibition stand tips

7 tips to stand out from the crowd with a small exhibition stand

The reason for a small stand may be a limited budget, or limited expectations of the fair. But even a trade show with a small stand costs serious time and money, so you should try to get the most out of it!

platform flooring trade show booth

A raised floor for your exhibition stand - the advantages and disadvantages.

I've been asked quite a few times to what extent a raised floor is desirable or necessary for a booth. In this article I will outline the advantages and disadvantages.

Virtual exhibition stand

Virtual exhibition stands

If you, as an exhibitor, have decided to participate in a virtual fair, you need a virtual booth. In this article you read what the function is of a virtual exhibition stand and what requirements your virtual stand has to meet.

Virtual exhibitions

Virtual exhibitions & trade shows

With most trade shows cancelled or postponed during the Corona pandemic, alternatives have emerged in the form of virtual exhibitions and trade shows. But are they an alternative to real trade shows? And if they are, what do you need know about this?

effect corona on exhibitions

What is the impact of the corona crisis on trade shows

Fortunately, trade fairs are allowed again. And they are created safely for visitors and exhibitors, of course in compliance with the regulations of the official bodies.But are trade fairs moving on with “business as usual”?

LED Video Wall

LED video walls and video marketing on your exhibition stand – what you need to consider

We consume video content almost every day. Videos are attractive and have a high entertainment content. But how does this relate to trade fairs?

Free 3D exhibition stand design

Your free 3D exhibition stand design: this is how it works!

Just select in our isy DESIGN SELECTOR® the most suitable exhibition stand design for you by filtering hundreds of designs. We will then edit the design with you, so it meets 100% your needs.

renting or purchasing an exhibition stand

Renting or purchasing an exhibition stand - what are the differences?

With our isy DESIGN SELECTOR® we offer you the best designs and amazing service with fair prices. You can either rent or buy these exhibition stands. But what exactly are the differences?

isyfair exhibition stand rental package

The full-service rental package - this is how you make your trade show effective, efficient, and easy

It’s always good to be able to delegate work to others, right? You can rent or buy our exhibition stands designs. When renting we take as many worries as possible of your hands.

With these 9 steps we guarantee you the best exhibition stand

Stand out at your trade show with the best exhibition stand in these 9 steps

Combine the best designs and amazing prices and services with the greatest usability. With these 9 steps we show you how we help to convince visitors at your trade show of your products or services:

Type exhibition stand corner stand

Types of exhibition stands - what are the differences and advantages?

Row, corner, 3-sides open or island exhibition stand, there are four types of exhibition stands. What type of exhibition stand should you rent? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Germany booth builder

Booth builder Germany

Looking for a booth builder in Germany? Germany is the largest country in Europe when it comes to trade shows and exhibitions. About 175 (trade) fairs are held in Germany every year, attracting about 10 million visitors.