Virtual Exhibition Stands

A Virtual Exhibition Stand


As most fairs are being cancelled, organizers and exhibitors are diligently looking for alternatives. Switching to virtual trade shows is one, and in the last couple of months we have seen a lot of them being organised. Although in our opinion they are no replacement for "live" events - see also virtual exhibitions- they are still interesting and have an important purpose.

If you, as an exhibitor, have decided to participate in a virtual trade show, you need a virtual booth.

In principle, you have 2 options for this:

1. You rent a "standard" virtual exhibition stand from the exhibition organizer who organizes the virtual exhibition. Usually, you can choose from a few variants. This virtual booth is then part of the online platform - the virtual fair - of the exhibition organizer.

2. You develop a virtual booth entirely in the style and CI of your brand or company.

This booth is:

  • placed by the exhibition organization within the online platform of the virtual fair
  • placed on your own website or server. The exhibition organiser will then create a link to your virtual exhibition stand.

Function / purpose of a virtual booth

Just like a "real" exhibition stand, your virtual stand has some super important objectives:

  • To be seen
  • Make visitors think for a moment (hey, what's this? Is this relevant for me?)
  • Generate interest
  • Encourage contact, for example by using the chat function, making a request or a purchase, or by leaving contact details.
  • Promote your brand or company

What are the functions and functionalities of a virtual exhibition stand?

Why you want to participate in a virtual exhibition is probably for the same reason as why you usually participate in a real exhibition: To get in touch with customers and potential customers, and to promote your brand or company. Your virtual stand is the way to do that. By adding a number of functionalities to your virtual stand, you lower the threshold for visitors and reach your exhibition goals faster.

These could include:

  • Chat function - this allows visitors to make contact, and as an exhibitor you can immediately respond to questions from visitors.
  • Download function - offers your visitors the possibility to download products or other information, for example as a PDF.
  • Video(s) - by showing videos you can inform and entertain your visitors and it’s a great way to interest them in your product.
  • Videoconferencing and Seminars - by giving online seminars you can share knowledge, build authority, improve your image and generate contacts.
  • Ordering products - by linking your virtual booth to your online shop, visitors can immediately purchase products or services.
  • Contact request - visitors can leave their details behind, and the sales team can then follow up the contacts.
Virtual exhibition stands
Virtual exhibition stand

What requirements does a virtual booth have to meet?

Just as with real stands, virtual exhibition stands also have to meet a number of requirements in order for them to be successful:

  • Clear communication – who are you and why could I, as a visitor, be interested in this? Your booth needs to be able to clearly answer these questions. This aspect is even more important with a virtual exhibition stand than with a real stand. At a live exhibition, visitors simply walk past your stand if they don't understand who you are, what you're doing and why it's interesting for them. Online visitors can leave your leave stand even faster, with just one click.
  • Corporate identity - the look and feel of your virtual booth must match the rest of your image.
  • Technology - of course the technology has to be set up right to work smoothly and without problems. Nothing is more annoying than long loading times. If it takes too long, a visitor is gone.
  • Interaction - interaction makes the difference between a 2D website and a 3D virtual exhibition stand.

Experience - your virtual booth should be more than just some kind of micro-website or link to your corporate website. With a visually attractive booth and enough interaction possibilities, you can entertain and convince the visitors of your product.

Who visited your booth?

A disadvantage of virtual exhibition stands is that you can't just see who's visiting your stand. On a real booth a proactive booth crew can address visitors and make contact, on a virtual booth this is a lot more difficult. However, if you offer interesting content, visitors are often willing to leave their email address.

What can we do for you at ISYFAIR when it comes to developing your virtual exhibition stand?

We have specialised in the design and development of exhibition stands for 30 years. We know what a successful exhibition stand should look like and use this knowledge to develop your virtual booth.

We develop a successful virtual exhibition stand for you quickly and effectively:

  1. Based on your briefing, our 3D designers get to work to develop your first concept.
  2. After your approval and possible adjustments, we will integrate all necessary digital facilities and clickable info points (hotspots/pins).
  3. If everything is to your liking and works perfectly, we will virtually deliver your booth.
  4. Then you can use the virtual stand wherever you want. At a virtual exhibition you participate in, on your website, Social Media or on other online platforms.

We can also convert a real booth, which we build for you on location, into a digital, virtual version. This virtual "twin brother" of your real booth can then be used 365 days a year as an extra marketing tool, for example on your website or on Social Media.

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